What Does It Mean to Self Prove My Georgia Will?

Self-proving a will means executing a document that attests to the validity and, in effect, proves the will to the court at the time that it is probated. Self-proving the will takes away the need for the witnesses to the will to testify before the court in order to attest to the validity of the will.  Self proof is normally done through an affidavit by the testator stating that the will was executed with the statutorily required intent and formality.  The self-proving affidavit must be executed at the same time as signing your Will or you can self-prove an already existing Will.  The requirements for the self-proving affidavit are the same as those for executing the will.  However, the self-proving nature of a will is not a 100% certainty.  Under certain situations the will can be challenged and must still be proved.

Discuss this option with your estate attorney when executing your last will and testament.

Jason Mance Gordon



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