Have An Attorney Prepare Your Legal Documents: (The Problem with LegalZoom)

This question goes to the very heart of www.GAWillsOnline.com.  I want to take you through the process of preparing a simple legal documents and it will become apparent why you should have an attorney help you with drafting a legal document.

Modern technology is an amazing thing.  It has completely revolutionized every industry, including the practice of law.  A specific example of this change is the success of online legal document preparation sites, such as LegalZoom or RocketLawyer. These sites are unique businesses.  I say businesses, because they are not law practices.  Their business model is simple. They have created a simplified legal drafting software that walks you through the process of creating a very simple legal document.  The problem is, some things cannot be sufficiently simplified.  If you don’t understand the provisions, the options that exist, or some of the capabilities of a specific legal document, it is inevitable that you will leave out valuable or necessary provisions or include provisions that you do not intend.

LegalZoom has recognized that people are completing the legal questionnaires and producing forms that do not express their true intent. So now LegalZoom has started to provide you contact information for an attorney hotline, where you can discuss your already drafted legal documents.  Attorneys sign up for this referral network because they see it as a way of attracting new clients.  Plus, they understand that you probably created a document that doesn’t cover your true needs.  When they speak with you, they will explain how the document should have been drafted and offer to sign you up as a client to correct the problem.  You end up paying a higher price than you could have paid an attorney to draft the document in the first place.

I created my practice, www.GAWillsOnline.com to remedy this problem.  Rather than offer an attorney’s number after you have created a flawed legal document, we provide you attorney assistance at the time of drafting.  Here is the process:

1.  Choose a document and begin filling out the questionnaire.

2.  Once you have filled out the questionnaire to the best of your ability, register for an account, submit the form to your attorney, and pay the purchase price.

3.  Your attorney will email you within 2 hrs to schedule an interview over the telephone or Web-camera, to take place within the next 24 hrs.

4.  During your attorney interview your attorney will listen to your situation, explain the available options, and determine your needs.  He/She will complete the document in accordance with your wishes and intent.  The document will then be uploaded to your personalized client account, ready for download.  (You will received instructions on how and where to sign, witness, and notarize to make the document legally binding.)

The value proposition for www.GAWillsOnline.com is apparent. You receive a custom-drafted, legal document with the convenience and low cost of a large online document seller.  You can rest assured that your legal document achieves your intent. Plus, you can maintain your client account to connect with your attorney for future legal needs.  Where LegalZoom claims to “Put the law in your hands,”  we put 24/7 access to a real Georgia Attorney in your hands.

Visit us today at www.GAWillsOnline.com

Jason M. Gordon, Esquire


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