Should I Create a Will on My Own and Save the Legal Costs?

This question goes to the very heart of my legal practice,

There are lots of free material floating around the internet.  Some of the material is of decent quality, other material ranges from useless to dangerous. As the old adage goes , there are frequently inexpensive options, but you get what you pay for.   Many large document sellers try to meet the demand of the public by offering simplified document drafting software so that individuals can execute their own Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, Trust, Health Directive, etc.  While these drafting programs are typically of decent quality, the risk of preparing your own estate documents without the help and guidance of a trained attorney is very risky.   You don’t want to make a mistake in executing or will or other estate document that causes an unintended consequence.

The potential consequences of an errant will or other estate document can often have a worse result that passing without a will. Remember, you are executing estate documents in order to manage and protect your family, loved ones, your business, or your personal affairs. Estate planning is not an expense that you incur frequently.  While you should update your estate plan as your personal and financial situation changes throughout your life, your estate plan is generally fixed or static for significant periods of time.

At, we provide the in expense and convenience of an online document seller, like LegalZoom, DirectLaw, RocketLawyer, etc., but we provide guidance from a trained attorney.  You probably wonder how we can offer such a reasonable price compared to the exorbitant rates charged by most law firms.  The answer is simple.  We use an online platform to reach customers.  We do not incur the high cost of a large legal office.  Our office is right here on the internet.  While we purchase expensive legal packages to provide our clients with a secure platform where their information is encrypted and completely safe, this cost is minimal compared to the high cost of a brick-and-mortar law office.   With, your can feel confident that your legal documents are accurate and your estate intent is effectuated.

Visite today and begin executing your estate plan.


Jason M. Gordon


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