Health Directive: Combo Living Will & Healthcare Power of Attorney (Part 5)

Do I Have to Have a Lawyer to Make a Living Will?

No. The law does not require that an attorney prepare or otherwise help you with a Living Will. However, if you do not completely understand everything, or if you have questions about it, you may fail to express your true intent within the document.

Should My Doctor Be Involved in the Making of My Living Will?

This should be your decision. A doctor is certainly not required to be involved in this process. However, you may wish to ask our doctor his or her feelings about honoring our Living Will. Other relevant questions regard the physician or institution’s policy on Living Wills.  Your doctor may be able to further explain to you how Living Wills work and why so many people are interested in them.

Once We’ve Made a Living Will, What Should We Do With It?

Once we have signed our Living Will and our witnesses have also signed it, you should keep it with your other important papers, like our Last Will and Testament, our Letter of Last Instructions, (how we want our funeral to be), Details of My Final Arrangements, etc. These papers should be kept in a place where someone can find them.  You can also give your Living Will to another person to hold the Living Will for you, such as a family member or doctor. It may also be a good idea to carry something in our wallet or pocketbook stating that we have a Living Will and giving a telephone number where family members can be reached.

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