How Does Work?

The process is very simple.  You create an account that gives you a secure client space where you can interact with our law practice (Law practice of Jason M. Gordon).

On this account site you can fill out questionnaires and submit them to us for free. (You can also purchase legal advice on other issues, such as family law, tax law, landlord-tenant issues, etc.)  These questionnaires answer many of the basic questions we have in drafting your estate planning documents.  Once you have completed the questionnaire you can submit it to your attorney.  We will review your answers and contact you via email or telephone to determine a convenient time to discuss your needs.  We will ask additional questions, explain what certain provisions mean, and finish drafting a custom document to meet your needs.  We then send you an invoice for the price of the document. You have no obligation to pay at any time until you wish to receive your document. Once you pay for your document we will post it on your secure client space where you can download it and the instructions to complete the documents.  This usually involves signing, getting two witnesses to sign, and getting your signature notarized.  You can then schedule an appointment to have your document explained to you in detail over the phone.  The advantage of this form of practice is that it is more convenient for all parties, it provides customized documents, and you can establish an on-going relationship with the same attorney for future legal needs.

Once you sign up, we recommend that you spend some time navigating your personal client space to see how it functions and how you can best use the space to connect with your attorney and receive legal advice or services.

Jason M. Gordon


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